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This section provides legal advice on Islamic Family Laws in Malaysia on issues of child custody, polygamy laws, divorce procedures, wife maintenance and others.
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Salah berpoligami tanpa kebenaran mahkamah
Thursday 25 January 2007
Suami lepas tangan selepas berpoligami
Friday 17 March 2006
Poligami Di Selangor - Perlukah Suami Minta Izin Isteri?
Friday 01 April 2005
Selepas Poligami - Suami Tidak Berlaku Adil
Friday 11 February 2005
Poligami - Bakal Suami Mahu Rahsia Pernikahan
Friday 14 January 2005
Poligami - Perlu Kebenaran Mahkamah
Friday 19 April 2002
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