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Press Statement: Sisters in Islam’s case a victory as it returns to High Court (25 September 2018)
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The Federal Court today has instructed the fatwa case against Sisters in Islam (SIS) to be returned to the High Court and heard on the basis of its merits.

According to SIS Executive Director, Rozana Isa, this is certainly a victory for SIS as it is critical that the judicial review of the fatwa be heard on the grounds of its substantive arguments.

"This is important because there are constitutional issues to be taken into serious consideration and it is critical to ensure that our voice on this matter is heard."

While the issue of whether the civil courts has jurisdiction over this case will be reviewed again, it is a victory for Sisters in Islam and justice for all organisations such as ours which seeks to uphold civil liberties which are granted to us under the constitution.

SIS will continue with our work to protect and advance the rights of Muslim women, and continue to raise our voices against injustices against women.

"We are clear in our mission that Muslim women are entitled to rights within the framework of Islam and the laws of Malaysia and her constitution. We are and have always been guided by the lived realities of women on the ground and their expectations of justice and the right to be treated equally as Malaysian citizens."

SIS expresses appreciation to all the judges for their judgment today, and to all our supporters for their faith in the work that we do.

Sisters in Islam
25 September 2018

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