Promoting an understanding of Islam that recognises the principles of
justice, equality, freedom, and dignity within a democratic nation state

Speech by Nori Abdullah (Daughter of Former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi)
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm here because I am concerned about laws that bear the name of my faith, laws passed in the name of Islam. They concern me as a Muslim, they concern me as woman, they concern me as a member of society. And it particularly concerns me that in fact, some of these laws can have a profound effect on anyone of us irrespective of whether you're a Muslim and whether you're a woman.

Speaking as a woman however, as we have all heard, there is indeed more to fear. History tells us Islam set a precedent, from its earliest days, of giving justice to womankind in ways that were considered revolutionary. Has this trend continued to this day, Muslim women could have been the trailblazers for justice and rights but alas!

I share Marina's worries and Hanis convictions. And all three of us believe we need to speak out. We live in a world where injustice is not only being perpetuated, but worse injustice, under different guises and names, is being done in the name of Islam. Let this not come to pass in Malaysia.

Any law, passed under the noble name of Islam, should consistent with our faith's fundamental principles of fairness, equality, freedom and most of all, justice. If we believe that Islam is universal, a faith for all times and for all peoples, it is these very things which we must strive to uphold. If we do not remain true to Islam's principles, then we allow ourselves to be shackled by those who do not represent this religion as tolerant, just or peaceful. We cannot let this happen.

Today, we are privileged to be able to voice our concerns on the disquieting state of our faith. Today we are here with the belief that something can be done to ensure justice and fairness for all, men and women alike and that it can be done in the name of Islam. And in Malaysia, there is still hope for this positive move. It has begun. And I thank each one of you, for playing a part in helping us make it happen. May God bless us all.

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