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justice, equality, freedom, and dignity within a democratic nation state

List of Study sessions in 2004
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  1. Religion, Traditional Interpretation & Critical Hermeneutics: The Basis for ‘Islam Hadhari’ by Dato’ Wan Ahmad Farid bin Wan Salleh & Prof. Clive Kessler on 11 December 2004
  2. Islamic Movement in Africa by Prof Dr. Steve Howard on 5 December 2004
  3. Reform Movement in Islam with a Focus on Malaysia by Tuan Hj. Nik Abdul Aziz Hj. Nik Hassan on 6 November 2004
  4. The State of Gender Research and Thinking in Southeast Asia by Prof. Maila Stivens on 30 October 2004
  5. Upclose and Personal with Kiyai Husein on the Issues of Gender and Women's Rights
  6. SIS History (only open to members and close friends) by Prof. Norani Othman on 25 September 2004
  7. Being Muslim Today: Issues and Challenges Facing Muslim Women in the US by Tayyibah Taylor on 3 August 2004
  8. Victims of Superpower Politics: ASEAN Students in Pakistani Madrasahs in the Age of War Against Terror by Dr. Farish Noor on 17 July 2004
  9. Secularism and Religion by Rustom Baruccha on 22 May 2004
  10. Aurat & Islamic Dress Code by Mr. Nik Aziz Nik Hassan on 8 May 2004
  11. Islamic Approaches to Sexuality by Iqra' 101 group on 24 April 2004
  12. Reforming The 'Jumud' Thinking: Emphasis on Fiqh and Philosophy by Mr. Nik Aziz Nik Hassan on 10 April 2004
  13. A Critical Reflection on the Concept of Islam by Prof. Irfan Ahmad Khan on 7 March 2004
  14. Islam, HIV/AIDS and Women’s Rights by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Malaysian AIDS Council on 14 February 2004

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