Promoting an understanding of Islam that recognises the principles of
justice, equality, freedom, and dignity within a democratic nation state

List of Study sessions in 2005
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  1. "Tactical Mapping" by Mr. Shanon Shah Mohd Sidik on 17 December 2005
  2. What is CEDAW and how is it relevant to me? by Ms. Rozana Isa on 26 November 2005
  3. Nation Building in Malaysia, 1957 - 2005 : Contestations Among Malays and Non-Malays by Dr. Heng Pek Koon on 12 August 2005
  4. Playing God: Who Speaks for Islam Today? by Prof Khaled Abou El Fadl on 27 July 2005
  5. The Masterminded Malay Mind by Prof Dato' Shamsul Amri Bahari on 9 July 2005
  6. To' Kenali And The Culture Of Religion by Mr. Eddin Khoo on 21 June 2005
  7. Current Discourse on Hudud by Mr. Muhammad Khalid Masud on 9 April 2005
  8. Religion, Culture And Women's Identity by Ms. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on 30 March 2005
  9. A Discussion on Islam Embedded: The Historical Development of PAS (1951-2003) by Dr Farish A. Noor on 23rd February 2005
  10. Religion, Traditional Interpretation & Critical Hermeneutics by Prof Clive Kessler on 2 January 2005

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