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justice, equality, freedom, and dignity within a democratic nation state

List of Study sessions in 2006
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  1. "Demystifying the Fiqh: an Approach Towards Understanding How Shariah Law is Constructed" by Ms. Zaitun Kasim on 30 November 2006
  2. "A Survey on Malaysian Muslim Identities, Issues and Concerns" by Dr. Patricia Martinez on 9 November 2006
  3. "Who Speaks for Islam? Politics, Power and Representation in Muslim Society" by Dr. Farish A Noor on 16 August 2006
  4. "Bosnia - A Muslim Community in the West" and "Women Political Empowerment: Lessons From Pakistan"
  5. by Mr. Adnan Huskic and Ms Gulmina Bilal on 16 June 2006
  6. "Islamic State - Fact or Fiction?" by Khalid Jaafar on 6 May 2006
  7. "Public Interest Litigations: The Indian experiment with Judicial Activism" by Naziah Yusoff on 1st April 2006
  8. "Tudung" by Nik Aziz bin Haji Nik Hassan on 30th March 2006
  9. "Challenges of Muslims In Plural Societies" by Raisul-Ulama Mustafa Ceric and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on 12th February 2006
  10. "Campaign Against the IFL Amendment 2005" by Shanon Shah Sidik and Razlinawati Razali on 21st January 2006

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