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List of Study sessions in 2008
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"Islamic Law Reform in the light of Maqasid-e-Sharia" by Prof. D. Malik Muhammad M. al Awan on 22 July 2008

  • Prof. D. Malik Muhammad M. al Awan’s  presentation dealt with current trends in the reform of Islamic legal systems dealing with varius aspects of public life. Experience of selected Muslim countries from the MENA region will be reviewed for applications elsewhere. The recent success of reforms in the Islamic financial law sector will be shown to have relevance for the family law and the empowerment of women in Muslim societies.

Minda Muda (Young Minds) by Tricia Yeoh on 29 May 2008

  • Ms Tricia Yeoh shared the finding of the Minda Muda Study on Young Malaysians and National Unity interviewed more than 1,000 young Malaysians across Peninsular Malaysia in 2007, exploring their attitudes towards national unity. The objective was to unearth the degree to which factors contributed to one's perception of unity in the country, such as racial harmony, religious tolerance, perception of economic and education policies and unfair treatment.
  • Results were then analysed by region, ethnicity, strata and age range. Interesting conclusions were reached, perhaps uncovering underlying trends of young Malaysian voters, even prior to significant incidents of BERSIH and HINDRAF. This research project provides unique insights to the young Malaysian psyche, an extremely important group in the sociopolitical landscape.
  • Ms Tricia Yeoh is the Director of the Centre for Public Policy Studies, ASLI. She is trained in Econometrics and obtained a MSc in Research Methodology from the University of Warwick, UK. Her work involves engaging in national socioeconomic and political issues, focusing particularly on national unity, budget/revenue transparency and interreligious issues. She believes in a just and mature Malaysia, and invites others into partnership to work towards that end.


The History and Message of the Qur'an by Al-Mustaqeem Mahmod Radhi on 25 February 2008
(Mustaqeem is a young Shariah graduate from a Jordanian university.)

  • Mr Mustaqeem discussed about the history and main messages of the Qur’an.  It helped the participants of other faiths in having a fair understanding about Islam and the Muslims. It was enlightening for the participants to know that the Qur’an does not encourage the Muslims to be exclusivist in their life and attitude but in fact,  promotes diversity, multiculturalism and the rights of women and the disadvantaged.    Mr Mustaqeem Al Radhi is currently the director of a Muslim organization called Middle Eastern Graduate Centre that Middle-Eastern Graduates Centre (MEGC) is a research and publications centre for the promotion of values of freedom and civil society that are grounded in religious tradition and modern thought. The main principles that are the focus of MEGC are individual freedom, openness, competition and independence. He is a Shariah graduate from Jordan and is also a writer on Islamic issues.


What Malaysia Can We Learn from Nadhatul Ulama? by Ms Fatonah and Mr Amin Fadila on 6 February 2008

  • SIS was honoured to have with us a group of bright young Nahdatul Ulama members in Malaysia who will share their knowledge and experiences – not only about the history, vision and mission of NU, but also about their experience and views as students in Malaysian universities. It was a good opportunity for SIS and other Malaysian friends to exchange views and reflect about our current issues in Malaysia, and most importantly on how we can benefit from NU’s rich experience.   Ms Fathonah and Mr Amin Fadila are young members of Nahdatul Ulama pursuing their MA and PhD in Malaysian universities.

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