Promoting an understanding of Islam that recognises the principles of
justice, equality, freedom, and dignity within a democratic nation state

List of Trainings in 2003
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1. Small group session on the Formulation of Syariah Law: History, Frameworks and Methodology; 26 October 2003

2. Workshop on Women's Rights in the Context of the Malaysian Syariah Legal System; 20-21 September 2003

3. Advancing the Rights of Muslim Women: A Workshop for Young Lawyers;
23 August 2003
Participants: Chambering students collaboration between SIS and Bar Council Legal Aid Centre KL (BCLACKL)

4. Gender Awareness and Women's Rights in Islam; 27-29 June 2003
Participants: Gender Studies Students from University of Malaya

5. 2nd Training of Trainers (TOT); 10-11 May 2003
Participants: SIS members and friends

6. Advancing the Rights and Status of Women in Islam: A Workshop for NGOs;
28-29 April 2003
Participants: Trainers from local NGOs (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor)

7. Gender Awareness and Women Rights in Islam; 24 -26 January 2003
Participants: Members of Puteri UMNO

8. Advancing the Rights and Position of Women in Islam: A Workshop for Journalists;
9-11 January 2003
Participants: Local Journalists

9. Rights at Home
Jointly organised with the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern world (ISIM) and International Movement for a Just World (JUST)
January 2003

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