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List of Study sessions in 2010
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Spiritual Syariah & Historical Fiqh
Date                       :11/2/2010

Participant               : 19
Speaker                   : Dr. Nik Noria
Objective                 :
To understand notions on the ruh (spirit) of shari'ah as well as       
the maqasid (objectives) of shari'ah and the usul al-fiqh (roots or bases
of jurisprudence) as well as the furu' (branches of jurisprudence).

Syariah Criminal Offence Act

Date                       :30/6/2010

Participant               : 46
Speaker                   : Beng Hui

Objective                 :
Aims to trace the history of sexual regulation in Malaysia. It focuses on
the Syariah Criminal Offences Enactments/Act, particularly its provisions
that regulate sexuality in Peninsular Malaysia

Violence Against Women, Cultural and State by Reality

Date                       :14/7/2010

Participant               : 25

Speaker                   : Zarizana Abdul Aziz
Objective                 :
The space for discussion regarding violence against women is a prevalent
and persistent problem.

Children of Abraham

Date                       :9/8/2010

Participant               : 44

Speaker                   : Prof. Clive Kessler

Objective                 :
Aim of this talk is to try constructing a language outside of each
individual faith communities of Islam, Christianity and Judaism to enable a
common language to emerge.

UN international fact finding of humanitarian assistance to Gaza by Shanti Dairiam
Date                       :5/10/2010
Partipant                 : 33

Speaker                   : Shanthi Dariam

Objective                 :
Presented the findings of the UN international fact-finding mission on the
Israeli attacks on the six flotilla ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza
in 2010.

Screening and Discussion
Imam & The Pastor
Date                       :22/1/2010

Participant               : 32 pax

Facilitator                : Dr. Hamidah & Patricia Nunis

Objective                 :To create a space to have an inter religious dialogue using the video as stimilous.

Mencari Kartika

Date                       :26/5/2010

Participant               : 147

Moderator                : Ratna Osman

Speaker                   : Prof. Shad Farouqi. Prof. Norani Othman & Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective                 :This documentary explores the Muslim’s perception of justice in the
context Malaysia

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