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List of Study sessions in 2011
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Reproductive rights, abortion and Islam: Towards a  SIS current position
Date            : 18th Jan 2011
Participart     : 13 pax
Speaker        : Rashidah Abdullah
Objective      : This study session is the first step for SIS to re-look and develop a position on
abortion in Islam. The findings from further sessions may become resources for a
public education module.

Understanding about Religion, Marriage and Domestic Violence amongst Youths in Malaysia
Date            : 31st  May 2011
Participant    : 18 pax
Speaker        : Dr. Noraida Endut
Objective      : This study session aims to explore the perception of young Malaysians on
marriage, religion and domestic violence based on a research conducted by
Universiti Sains Malaysia.

The Corridor
Date                : 8th June 2011
Participant        : 45 pax
: Zeo Neirizi
Objective          : The session gave them different perspectives from other parts of the world.

Beyond the Degree: Malaysian Women’s Participation in Islam”
Date            : 21st  July 2011
Participant    : 18 pax
Speaker        : Crystal Corman
Objective      : This study session, the speaker wanted to share her research journey and her
preliminary findings of her research on religion and religious leaders in peace-
building initiatives.

Liberating religion – How LGBT Anglicans are redefining the Church of England
Date            : 17th  November 2011
Participant    : 30 pax
Speaker        :
Shanon Shah
Objective      : Homosexuality remains a controversial topic in contemporary Islam and Christianity. In this study session, SIS associate member Shanon Shah shared his master’s study’s findings on the effectiveness of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Anglican Coalition (LGBT AC)’s advocacy towards influencing the Church of England. The coalition’s current main demands include recognition for

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