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List of Trainings in 2011
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Large Group Training Awareness (LGTA) Kelantan
Date                     : 18th Feb 2011
Venue                   : Dewan Yayasan Murni, Kelantan
Participant             : 120 pax
Facilitator              : Norhayati Kaprawi
Resource Person     : Dato’ Ismail Yahya, Ratna Osman & Nazreen Nizam
Objective               : To advocate the grassroots women  for the rights of Muslim Women.

Ketahui Hak Anda Dalam Perundangan Islam
Date                     : 19th Feb 2011
Participant             : 100 pax
Resource Person     : Ratna, Nazreen, & Nazlina Abd Ghani
Objective               :
To create legal rights awareness for women, especially for Muslim women. To provide immediate legal information to women. Also, to reach out to women who may not have or unable to access legal information.

SIS Advance Syariah Training
Date                    : Feb, Apr, July, & Oct 2011
Participant            : 25 pax/training
Trainers               : Betty Yeoh, Honey Tan, Meera Samanther, Nazlina Abd. Ghani, Wong Su Zane, Azrine Razak
Objective             :
To give better understanding about gender and women's rights, linking gender and women's rights to law.

LAC NGO Training
Date                    : Feb, Apr, July, & Oct 2011
Participant            : 6 pax/training
Resource Person    :  Nazreen Nizam
Objective             :

Large Group Training Awareness (LGTA) Seremban

Date                    : 23rd April 2011
Participant            : 100 pax
Facilitator             : Norhayati Kaprawi
Co-Facilitator        : Rozana
Resource Person    : Sa’adiah Din, Nazreen Nizam
Objective             :
To advocate among grassroots women for the rights of Muslim women; focused on raising awareness and engaging with grassroots Muslim women

Sexuality Workshop
Date                    : 6th & 7th May 2011
Participant            : 20 pax (Staff)
Facilitator             : Angela Kuga Thas
Co-Facilitator        : Norhayati kaprawi
Resource Person    : Jac Sm Kee
Objective              : This workshop is part of our continuing capacity-building trainings for the
staff, members and allies of SIS in order to improve their engagement with
wider issues affecting both Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia

Perspectives on Muslim Women and the Current Family Law
Date                    : 18th  May 2011
Participant            : 24 pax (Media Practitioners)
Facilitator             : Norhayati Kaprawi
Co-Facilitator        : Rozana Isa
Resource Person    : Sa’adiah Din, Latifah ( GAHWI ), Zainah Anwar & Ratna Osman
Objective              : Expose media practitioners from the Malay-language media to the shortcomings of the current IFL and the possibilities of reform through the   MFL campaign. This workshop also equip journalists and editors with the knowledge and confidence to report accurately and critically on
issues pertaining to Islam and the rights of women, particularly related to
the IFL/MFL.

Telenisa: Hak Wanita Dalam Perundangan Islam
Date                    : 21st May 2011
Participant            : 60 pax
Facilitator             : Rozana Isa.
Resource Person    :
Dr. Nik Noriani Nik Badli Shah, Ratna Osman, Sa'adiah Din, Nazreen Nizam
Objective              : To provide a platform for women to meet and share their experiences. To discuss on methods women can help each other overcome their problems. To increase the understanding on women's right in Islam especially in matters related to maintanence, divorce, polygamy, shared matrimonial property etc. To give awareness on women's rights within the Muslim Family Law in Malaysia.

Artist for Justice
Date                    : 24th – 26th July 2011
Participant            : 14 pax (Artist)
Facilitator             : Norhayati Kaprawi
Co-Facilitator        : Mohd Fared Jamaluddin
Resource Person    : Tn. Haji Nik Aziz Nik Hassan
Objective              : To promote longer term awareness on human rights issues, women’s rights
issues and on Muslim women’s issues in particular and to use arts as an
effective tool of communication and method of dissemination of information
such as human rights, social justice and Muslim women’s issues

Ayuh Bercermin
Date                    : 3rd & 4th October 011
Participant            : 30 pax
Facilitator             : Norhayati Kaprawi
Resource Person    : Guntur Romli, Ariani Djalal, Abduh Aziz, and Mohd Fared
Objective              : To advocate progressive thinking in Islam that is gender sensitive and compassionate. To give exposure and generate interest amongst young Malaysians especially Muslims, about films on Islam.Also, to discuss the impacts of films and how it can generate change. It gave guidance on how to put forward issues on film.To discuss on subjects of interest that can be highlighted, such as diversity of opinion in Islam, freedom of religion, reproductive health and   Muslim women’s issues.

Indonesia Study Tour

Date                  : 26/10/2011 - 1/11/2011
Venue                : Jakarta

Focusing on the contemporary discourse of Islam and Muslim women’s rights, the study tour aims to provide participants with a comparative perspective on the lived realities of Muslim women in Indonesia, and on ways to advocate for a more tolerant, inclusive and gender-sensitive society. Visits and discussions are scheduled with artists, scholars and women ulamas

(CSBR) One Day, One Struggle
Date                    : 11th November 2011
Participant            : 32 pax
Performers            : Mohd Fared, Mislina & Shieko
Resource Person        : Shanon Shah, Angle Kuga Thas, Nisha Ayub & Julian Lee

Objective              : This campaign gave a clear understanding of issue surrounding violence and persecution against the Mak Nyah community. It gave people a safe space to share experiences and opinions to further understand the issue at hand. It also allowed us to identify new allies

Fiesta Feminista

Date               : 23/11/2011 - 27/11/2011
Venue             : Stadium Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

A Theatre Workshop “Mari Berekspresi: Perempuan, Islam dan Keadilan” on 26 Nov 2011 at 8PM. We’ll be exploring various issues related to women and how to use the performing arts as a means to talk about these issues and advocate for social change.

Mari Berekspress “ Perempuan, Islam & Keadilan”
Date                    : 26th November 2011
Participant            : 50 pax
Resource Person        :
Shanon Shah & Mohd Fared
Objective            : To give exposure and generate idea amongst activist and grassroots women, about Islam  and women rights. Also, to use interactive and creative work in advocacy such as theatre and short drama.

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