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Monday 01 August 2011

UK Study Visit
Date              : 26/3-6/3/09
Participants    : 5  ( syariah practitioners )
Objective       : For the progressive shariah practitioners meet and strategise in promoting
progressive knowledge and also as an exposure to diversity of thought and

Indonesia Study Visit
Date              : 1-7/11/09
Participants     : 12 ( activist, journalist, women leaders and academician)
Objective        : Participants are exposed to diversity of thoughts and cultures overseas so that
they are able to spread the progressive and gender-just message locally

Know Your Right : Women Rights in Islamic Law
Date            : 31/5/09
Participant    : 30 pax
Speaker        : Sa’adiah Din
Facilitator     : Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective     : Focused on raising awareness and engaged with grassroots Muslim women

Artists & Activists – Towards a Just Society

Date                   : 1-3/10/09
Participant           : 25
Resource Person   : Nia Dinata
Facilitator            : Angela Kuga Thas
Co-Facilitator       : Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective             : To create an atmosphere where both the artist and the activist can socialize and exchange ideas and viewpoints on issues ranging from gender roles, women’s rights and sexual orientation, to religion and state.

Follow up meeting “MUSAWAH Global Meeting”
Date                   :31/3/09
Participant           :51 pax
Resource Persons  :Zainah, Nik Noraini, Nazreen, Prof. Norani & Latifah
Objective             :Follow up to Malaysian Muslim women leaders, relevant government officials
and key people that can support Musawah’s vision and objectives

Conversion & Islamic Family Law Issues in Malaysia
Date                  :21/8/09
Participant          : 9
Resource Person  : Dr.Juanda Jaya
Moderator          : Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective           : To brief Dr Juanda Jaya (Mufti Perlis ) on the issue on conversion issues and
the IFL (Wilayah Persekutuan) was postponed by the Majlis Raja-Raja

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