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Monday 01 August 2011

Large Group Training Awareness (LGTA) KL
Ketahui Hak Anda Sebagai Seorang Wanita

Date                  :28/3/2010
Participant          : 80 pax
Facilitator           : Rozana Isa
Resource Persons : Sa’adiah Din, Norhayati Kaprawi & Nazreen,
Objective            : To advocate the grassroots women  for the rights of Muslim Women.

Large Group Training Awareness (LGTA) Penang
Ketahui Hak Anda Sebagai Seorang Wanita

Date                 :28/3/2010
Participant         : 53 pax
Facilitator          : Rashidah Shuib
Resource Persons: Sa’adiah Din & Nazreen,
Objective           :To advocate the grassroots women for the rights of Muslim Women.

Towards a Just Society with Artist & Activist
Date                 :21-23/5/2010
Participant         : 30 pax
Facilitator          : Angela Kugathas
Co Facilitor        : Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective          : Aimed at promoting better understanding of Islam, especially with relations to
issues pertaining to women, in the context of a multi-cultural country like
Malaysia. Besides that, it is designed to allow for exchanges of ideas between
artists and activists so that the two can be combined to create works and
projects which are better equipped at engaging the society.

Muslim Youth in Conversation
Date                :3-4/7/2010
Total                : 33 pax
Facilitator         : Hajar Alkuhtany
Objective          : Foster a better relationship between the Muslim youth of today with the
Quran, and by extension, with the greater community in which they live.

Rights and Position Women in Islam for Journalists

Date                 :24-25/7/2010
Participant         : 22 pax
Facilitator          : Shanon
Co-facilitator      : Norhayati Kaprawi
Resource Person : Sa’adiah Din, Dr. Nik Noriani, Jacqueline, Shaila Koshi & Fathi Ahmad
Objective          : To gain an overview of how Syariah Laws are formulated, and how the laws in
Malaysia compared to laws in other countries.

½ day Workshop with Academician & Activist
Date                 :30/11/2010
Participant         :30
Facilitator          : Norhayati Kaprawi
Resource Person : Dr. Nur Rofiah
Objective          :To understand the Al-Quran from the women perspective.

Capacity Building with Gahwi
Date                :4-5/12/2010
Participant        : 24
Facilitator         : Norhayati Kaprawi
Co-Facilitator    : Rozana Isa
Objective         : To learn how to cultivate on Islam, gender and sexuality reproductive health.

Malaysian Youth Forum : Changes & Challenges

Date                  :17/7/2010
Participant          : 33
Facilitator           : Patricia Nunis
Co Facilitator       : Heidi Abdullah
Resource Persons : Anita, Jasmine, Azim & Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective            : It aims at reaching the youths of Malaysia to find out what they have to say
about the lived experiences of individuals of this age group, as opposed to
the labels which most people feel free to place on our youths

Training of Trainers for SIS Member & Staff
Date                  :27-29/11/2010
Participant          :19
Facilitator           :Norhayati Kaprawi
Trainer               : Lies Marcoes
Resource Person  : Dr. Nur Rofiah
Objective           : Build a pool of trainers and learn how to cultivate and improve facilitator skills
on Islam and gender.

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